3 of 4 Ain’t Bad…

…but I really wish I went 1 of 4.

That’s right.  Back in 2011 I looked forward way forward to what the future would bring. That New Years Eve, I sat on the couch in my friend’s living room and pondered what would be coming in 2012.

I can’t say that it came as a surprise that that Barack Obama was re-elected.  There was no terrible double dip recession.  Big surprise (not!), unemployment dropped below the 8% mark just before the election.  The election was about the economy.  Barack Obama didn’t have to show up, he just didn’t have to suck.  He succeeded.

But enough about the politics, at least for tonight.  I’m writing to let you know, dear reader, (hello?) that there will be more posts coming.  And I promise there will be more posts than in 2012. To that end, I’ve formulated some carrot-and-stick incentives to help me with this.  For example, I will not be able to eat meat until I have posted something substantive.  I’m kidding about that last part, but not about incentivizing myself. If it wasn’t embarrassing and didn’t involve video games, I might inclined to share the specifics.  But not on a public post.

My goal this year, at least with ExDeserto, is to be more than just a talking head that regurgitates week-old news.  That can be a bit too easy. (Conversely, it’s also a bit more difficult too – trying to stay fresh on the news, post the moment there is a breaking story etc, etc.). Instead, I see this blog as taking on more personality.  Again, shouldn’t be hard when measured with the hiatus last year. It’s amazing, already I have practically fulfilled my objectives and it’s only January.  I suppose the best resolutions are the ones that you can finish before you have time to break them.

With that said, I’ll start slow and see if I can’t start to bring back the lonely spam bots that scoured the web and drifted upon this blog.  Hopefully I’ll also be able to find some real people.  If I’m lucky, maybe we’ll even see comments, points, counterpoints, and discussions.

Maybe this will be the year to achieve that one 2011 resolution/prediction I missed.