New York Marathon: An American Winner

Not since 1982 has an American won the New York City Marathon. This race is one of the most competitive in the world. Traditionally dominated by Africans, Americans have been left nipping at the heels – securing second was the American gold. But Meb Keflezighi changed that today, and I offer a hearty congratulations.

America represents freedom; it represents a chance to succeed. Call it exceptionalism or call it pride – but America strives to be the best. We aren’t satisfied with second.

Like many successful individuals, Meb did not not inherit wealth or fame. Born in Eritrea, he became an American citizen and now runs under the red, white, and blue. When I think about this race – particularly how difficult it is to win – I’m thankful this melting pot of American culture is able brings immigrants like Meb that continue to build on the greatness of prior generations. We aren’t satisfied with second. And we shouldn’t ever be.