Looking Forward

There isn’t like waiting until the eleventh hour to make a decision to post. Indeed, this will be the final post of the 2011. Speaking of not being able to make a decision, I suppose I would fit in fine company were I in Iowa as the final poll predictions are coming out with Romney coming out on top. Still, for Republicans, this has been a roller coaster ride. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rick Santorum actually top the polls in the next couple days.

2011, I feel, was a relatively unremarkable year from an economic perspective. As I posted last year, 2011 was not much different from 2010.

But while I have a few moments, here are my predictions to usher in the New Year.

1) Barack Obama will be re-elected. Let’s face it, if the economy recovers, this will be all but assured.

2) There will not be a double dip recession. If there is a double dip recession before election day – which I sincerely doubt – my first predictions will be shot.

3) Unemployment will drop below 8%. Again, economy.

4) I will post twice a month. At least.

I know, short post. More to come in January. Times two.

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