Coffee Shop Reflections

For the past number of Sundays, I’ve settled into the comfortable routine of visiting a local coffee shop where I’ve managed to gather my thoughts and then press on through the rest of the morning.  The coffee isn’t the draw; neither is the fact that I slip into the background noise among the rest of the patrons.  But I carve out time from my otherwise occupied schedule (even if by idleness) and deliberately reflect on the past days and coming weeks.  Only today, after deciding that I would much rather sleep in rather than wake up at four in the morning to run a race I wasn’t thrilled about participating in, have I arrived early enough to bring my computer and at least comprise a cogent reflection of my Sunday tradition-forming ponderings.

Less than two weeks ago, I was aboard the Norwegian Pearl cruising up the coast of Alaska.  Though I missed the familiar atmosphere of my obscure nook, I didn’t forgo the opportunity to catch up on a well appreciated vacation.

And through a series of innocuous events: a week-long internet deprivation, a late-night visitation with friends, and a certain deep restlessness,  have I seriously begun to again re-evaluate time and its investment in the future.

Lest you, reader, think I’m about to cut bait and embark on some grand adventure dropping all responsibilities and obligations to travel the world, I’ll dispel that notion.  I’m not that restless.  But, I’m not so comfortable that I’ve settled into a routine of consistency.  Or maybe that’s the issue – that I have.  But these Sunday reflections serve as an invaluable opportunity to evaluate my future goals and the means by which they are achieved.  Often, amongst the hustle and bustle of what we call “life” we forget or put off the time to smell the roses; we forgo that alone time and introspection that serves to remind us of who we are as a person.

When life flies at a hundred miles a hour, it’s genuinely refreshing when I see others taking time to reflect too.  I’m reminded that life encompasses more than the next election or what I’ll relish as my next meal.  Maybe, just maybe we can learn more in the silence of aromatic coffee shops than in the barrage of news reports flooding our inboxes.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Reflections

  1. Glad to hear you’re getting into a blogging/reflecting routine. Your blog will thank you too after a few months 🙂

    You should post some pics from your vacay. You can make them retro using the iPhone app Instagram. Just FYI.

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