It’s Not A Slippery Slope…

…it’s a swan-dive off a cliff.

In the past, Oregon’s “physician-assisted suicide” regime has been upheld by the highest court in the land, in the face of dire warnings that the system would lead to the same horrifying abuses that have followed in other nations.

Oregonians are now faced with a situation where their state is not only actively killing its citizens, in Stroup’s case, it is seemingly soliciting “patients.”

I submit that a system like Oregon’s is not a “step” toward anything, it is as horrific and terrifying in its implications as anything found in science fiction. The scope here is not as broad, the machinations are not as smoth, but the callousness and disregard for the value of human life is every bit as chilling.

Oregon (and by extension, the nation) is not sliding down a slippery slope, it’s gone off the edge and is in free-fall.

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