Summer Reading

In the past month, I’ve read three good books we could all benefit from. Here’s a little about the first book, Benedict XVI on St. Paul.

The book (with reviews here, here, and here) is a compilation of Benedict’s Wednesday audiences during the Year of St. Paul that just ended. These short exhortations explain a lot about St. Paul, but also explain a lot about what we are called to do in the political world today.
St. Paul was a master in the sense that he knew the precepts of his religion and followed them strictly. But what is more, St. Paul showed that he is a master of culture, of bringing the truths of the Gospel into the secular world and making them both intelligible and attractive.
Our country has lost its moral compass in many ways. With the fall of Gov. Sanford, many conservatives feel that they lost another bright light arguing for strong moral values. But we do not “need” people in power to win this fight for us. St. Paul shows us that God can even take people who are acting directly contrary to His will and turn them to the good. St. Paul, once a persecutor of Christians, became perhaps its greatest preacher. We, too, as fallen and inadequate as we are, can turn the tide of the culture one person at a time.
So, let us act like St. Paul and stand firm in our faith, in our convictions, in our belief that the good will win because it already has won. And let us preach the truth to anyone and everyone we meet so that we may improve our culture and our country.

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