How Washington Politics Is Like Pinochle

The Sides
I think many of the Washington politico’s would make great card players. While Americans chalk up anything that happens in D.C. as politics, I call it pinochle.

For those that have never played the game, pinochle is a four player game (two teams of two) that consists both of luck and skill. You have to rely on your partner even though you don’t quite know what cards your partner has.

In D.C. the two opposing teams are: the Democrats (led by Obama) with the liberal constituents versus the Republicans (led by _____?) and their disillusioned conservative partner.

The Play
I was a bit surprised when I read that homosexual activists were frustrated that Obama not championing or advocating more of their “rights”. This is a prime example of how one “partner” (homosexuals) are not relying on the other (Obama). Such frustration is a bit short-sighted on the part of the rainbow army. True, Obama has not repealed the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Agreed, he has not fully championed the homosexual movement.

Given his liberal track record, this may let conservatives breathe a sign of relief.

However, Obama’s steps have been measured. With the Democrats in control of the House, Senate and Oval Office, there isn’t much that Obama can’t do (taking over the auto industry, the media, etc). He has not quite pandered to his homosexual supporters as much as they would like. Yet.

The Tricks
In pinochle, one team must take as many “tricks” as possible. Strategically, it is often in a player’s best interest to not lay down his strongest hand immediately; doing so would lead to losing tricks later in the hand.

Obama realizes this; the homosexuals don’t.

Obama has the strength and political clout to bring out much “change” in America. I’m talking more than higher taxes on businesses. Increased abortions. Activist judges. Homosexual “rights”. Equality. Change.

When the hand ends, count up your points and keep playing the game. Republicans won a few hands in the mid-2000s. Democrats won before and after that.

My point is that I am not any more at ease knowing that homosexuals are frustrated at Obama. I think that Obama is biding his time.

My Prediction: In late 2010 – mid 2012 Obama will push through aggressive legislation pandering to the votes of his liberal constituents.

Acting now is premature; people are forgetful and may not remember what Obama did in his first six months. Plus, there is still some bumbling around with the economy. No, not yet – but Obama will start laying down trump closer to election time.

I just hope that by that time Republicans figure out what cards the conservatives are holding.

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