Defending the Pro-Life Cause

I ran across this article the other week on the Nation’s website.

This Nation writer, a writer who represents an entire industry devoted to killing living human children, is trying to distort truth and reality to associate a movement dedicated to the preservation of life–even unwanted life–with the callous murder of abortionist George Tiller.

Take a look at some of the author’s assertions:

While the murderous rage of Tiller’s assassin is not representative of the broader anti-choice movement, I believe that the anti-choice community operates with a totalitarian impulse that generates a culture of terror rather than a culture of life.

The first part of this sentence is spot on, but the latter part is so boneheaded to hardly warrant response. No one in the pro-life movement condoned the murder of George Tiller. Far and wide, the response to this vile act was to condemn it, except for one or two isolated statements (the speakers of which, while choosing not to condemn the murderer’s act, did correctly point out that more viable unborn children will live to see birth in a world without Tiller).

The Editors of National Review Online best presented the reaction of the entire pro-life movement in their editorial shortly after the murder:

[The pro-life movement ]seeks to abolish a private right to kill, not to license one. It aims to return the law to its moral foundations, not to abandon the rule of law altogether…Our only weapons should be persuasion, law, and prayer.

The author of the Nation piece continues:

There are few experiences more lonely and isolating than facing an unintended pregnancy or facing the need to terminate a desired pregnancy in order to protect maternal health. The anti-choice discourse labels the women and families who chose abortion “baby killers.” It is a strategy that dehumanizes these women and the doctors who care for them.

The author’s assertions here are misguided. The pro-life movement, taken as a whole, places the vast majority of blame for the abortion problem on the abortionists who abort and the society that tolerates such a brutal industry. In fact, the best place for women facing crisis pregnancies to receive care, counseling, and adoption aid are run by the Church or the pro-life movement. As pro-abortion advocates like to point out, it would be inconsistent for the pro-life movement or the Church to fight for the pro-life cause, while ignoring unwanted children, poverty, or other issues. Which is precisely why the Church doesn’t ignore the sick, poor, and hungry, the abandoned, or the exploited.

Our Nation author goes on to state, “Many [women who have received abortions] understandably prefer not to be publicly associated with the stigma and potential violence that comes with standing up for choice.”

While there may be some truth to a stigma attaching, the greater response from the pro-life community is love and forgiveness. As Kathryn Jean Lopez said this week, “We must oppose abortion not out of hate, but out of love, as so many do.”

Indeed, the pro-life movement is really the only place where there is a recognition that abortion changes you.

George Tiller will face his Maker and reap the consequences of the unborn children he snuffed out. George Tiller’s murderer will also face his Maker and answer for his unconscionable act. But there is no equating their actions with those of a movement that seeks to preserve the most vulnerable and precious among us–and offer forgiveness and love to those who are fooled into thinking that any child is expendable.

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