Welcomed News

Via Drudge, as the US lurches left, a good chunk of the rest of the world leans right (although the characterization of some of these parties as “right” tends to expose the differences in what “right-left” means in the US as opposed to abroad.)

Still, overall, this is a nice cap on what was a trend throughout the Bush II years, although it never recieved media coverage for obvious reasons. While opinion polls showed the popularity of the US hitting all-time lows, center-right governments swept to power in Germany, France and Italy, as well as Australia, Canada, and Columbia. Conservatives are even primed to take control in Britain, as well as Spain.

The meme about the US losing “credibility” internationally is patently false. Elections have shown that despite what they say to Pew pollsters, citizens of the world’s free nations tacked right in the Bush II years, and many continue to do so.

Update: And of course, lets not forget the election of Pro-Western, largely secular parties in Iraq and Lebannon, as well as the problems Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been having (although Obama’s HopeNChange seems lost on most of the populace.)


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