Repeat After Me: “There Are Strings Attached!”

In this world of sound-bite politics, where debate is more often like a prison-yard shanking than a fencing dual, you’ve got to have a handy response to inanities like this. Being in the thick of the debate here in SC has led me to hone this fairly effective response to critics of Governor Sanford’s stimulus stance. But I think it also has broader application to the general melding of the government and private sector that we’re seeing nation-wide on all levels.

California, which is already an economic basket case, is exhibit Number 1.

If you’ve been paying attention to the TARP Saga you knew this was coming. Government money comes with government control, it’s as simple as that. And since the nature of government is to constantly expand, that means the eventual assimilation of any “private” entity “tied” to it.

Why is taking stimulus money, TARP money, almost any government money, a bad idea? Repeat after me: “THERE ARE STRINGS ATTACHED!”

Update: Chrysler kneels before the appropriately 1984-ish sounding “auto-industry task force,” and George Will waxes eloquent on our “rogue government’s” lack of respect for private contract.


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