Introduction: Kellie Fiedorek

Ex Deserto is pleased to announce our 2nd new addition in less than a week, Kellie Fiedorek.

Kellie is a soon-to-be graduate from Ave Maria School of Law, and Ex Deserto is honored–and proud–to have Kellie on the team. We eagerly look forward to her participation. Kellie’s bio is below and will be permanently posted along with the other authors’ at the bottom of this page.

Welcome, Kellie!

Kellie Fiedorek graduated from the University of Dallas in 2006 and will graduate from Ave Maria School of Law this May. Last summer, she received the Blackstone Legal Fellowship in conjunction with the Alliance Defense Fund (Scottsdale, AZ) and worked for CareNet in Lansdowne, VA. She has worked as a legal extern for Americans United for Life since August. She is the Special Events Chair on the Moot Court Board and is a member of Lex Vitae. Kellie will take the Florida Bar Exam this July.

2 thoughts on “Introduction: Kellie Fiedorek

  1. Welcome Kellie. It’s good to have you on the team and to get your thoughts on these issues. Florida bar, eh? Interesting. I always thought you’d end up in D.C.

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