Planned Parenthood Wants to Educate Your Children

Readers: Below is a message from Planned Parenthood. Although written by me, it probably encompasses the general thought process and mission of the organization.

A verse comes to mind: “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are savage wolves.” – Matthew 7:15.

***Important Message from Planned Parenthhood***

Attention Parents:

It has come to our attention that many of you are not raising your children correctly. In fact, many of you are blindly sending your children out into the world without giving them a proper education. It’s sad to see such smart children excel academically, but have no knowledge of the outside world of sexual experiences. These same children are plagued with unwanted pregnancies, STDs and other problems that *you* the parent did not inform them of. You, parents, tried to shelter them from the frightful world of illicit sex, pornography, and prostitution. You wanted to protect them from themselves and their own natural beings. Instead, you should have educated them to indulge in their passions safely, not control them. We will fix that mistake.

Lest I receive hateful, judgmental correspondences from ill-informed right-wing radicals, let me tell you about who we are and then, what we will do. We are the nation’s largest and “most trusted” voluntary reproductive “health care organization.” Clearly. More than 5 million people pass through our doors. Nearly a quarter of them are your teenagers. (1)

We mean no harm; our interests are truly benevolent. We believe everyone has the “right to choose” when or whether to have a child, that “every child should be wanted and loved”, and that “women should be in charge of their destinies.” (2) We are woman’s choice; we are pro-choice. We chose when, where, how, or if you are to have a child. We are god. We bless the indigent with condoms and birth control pills.(3) We shower tweens with pamplets explaining sex. (4) We show them how to undermine you. (5) We will educate them. (6)

As you can see, we are quite active and growing. In fact, under Barack Obama, we have seen an influx of capital and educational “clinics”. (7) But let us make one thing clear: we will abort your children. We will teach your young ones. We will succeed in indoctrinating through the gaps of your sheltering. And you will let us do it. You will help us do it. Together, we will raise the next generation of America.

To the Future,

Planned Parenthood





5. “Before you psych yourself up to talk to one or both of your parents about getting tested for sexually transmitted infections, think about how they may react. If you think they might freak out, you may want to wait to have this discussion until you’re all ready for it, or you may want to pass on it.
In this case, you could turn to another trusted adult — maybe someone at your school, another relative, or someone from a local family planning center.”

6.”Below is a list of classroom activities. There are also additional classroom activities on our teen education site”

7. Statement released after the President rescinds “Mexico City Policy”

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