Justice Scalia a Homophobe?

Barney Frank takes political discourse to a new low in the video below. Frank, an openly gay member of Congress, spoke to a gay news site about pending legislation and Obama’s first term.

The comment strikes me as odd, but not unexpected. Any conservative who opposes same-sex marriage is suddenly a “homophobe” or “bigot” for defending the most foundational relationship in our society. The rancor from the LGBT community seeks to undermine any attempt to have a reasoned political discourse on the subject. That hatred for conservative values has now infected many liberal politicians as well. They’d rather skewer sitting Supreme Court justices who have not decided the issue instead of doing their job engaging their colleagues in Congress to enact some legislative alternative.

2 thoughts on “Justice Scalia a Homophobe?

  1. Eliot-I liked Ed’s comments. He was a Scalia clerk, you know (OT 1991). I think the point about cutting off political discourse is key. As George Weigel notes in a book I’ve been reading, “Just as the human body dies without oxygen, the democratic body politic dies without the oxygenation of political debate, without public deliberation about how we ought to live together.”Frank is trying to forestall any meaningful discussion of differences through name-calling, which is rather unfortunate to say the least. I think we could use MORE public debate about the issue. I proposed such a debate to our Gay and Lesbian group on campus and was told they did not want to debate. Instead, they had a rally of sorts with four speakers in favor of same-sex marriage. There was no desire for real dialogue. Frank is just the most outspoken proponent of that strategy.

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