Save the D.C. Scholarship Program

School choice is an innovative way to use the free market to create opportunities for students that otherwise do not exist in government schools. Though it is taking time to advance against the entrenched education bureaucracy nationwide, school choice programs have produced measurable success. Arguably the most successful program is the DC Scholarship program, which provides scholarships to low-income students to attend private schools (most Catholic) in Washington, D.C. and the opportunity to escape the District’s opportunity-killing public school system. Beholden to the educrat establishment, Democrats in Washington (including President Obama in his proposed budget) are trying to kill the program. Hear from some of the beneficiaries of this outstanding program, as they plead with the president to save their scholarships.


See this op-ed by William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal for a more in-depth look into the effect this change could have on DC families.


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