All My Children? Soap Opera Illustrates Mainstream Marriage

Note: After sticking my head out of my law books for a brief instant and catching up with pop culture, I came across the CNN entertainment section. This wasn’t on the front page because, either 1) the article is day old and no longer newsworthy or 2) articles like this become so commonplace that they’ll take a back seat more popular news stories. Regardless, for those that know as much about Hollywood as I do (practically nothing), take note that this soap opera comes to a living room near you.

The soap opera, All My Children, will be airing a wedding that is sure to both anger and please daytime television viewers. While weddings (and their subsequent divorces) may be relatively common – especially on soap operas, this one outdoes them all.

No, not because of the glitter and glamour that that is inherently associated programs of this nature. This wedding crosses the traditional boundaries as two women, Bianca Montgomery and Reese Williams marry one another.

“It’s reality,” said Neil Giuliano, president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). “So when we see a lesbian couple getting married on daytime drama, it simply reflects what’s happening in the real world.”

I partially agree with Mr. Giuliano. Lesbian couples getting married may reflect reality. But let’s not also forget that other things reflect reality too: AIDS, divorce, psychological problems, crime, and myriads of other conflicts associated with tearing down the pillars of traditional marriage. After all, if soap operas merely reflects what is happening in the “real world” there shouldn’t be any qualms about including the repercussions should there?

I suppose that this may not be significant transition for programs of this genre. Popularize adultery. Encourage divorce. Promote progressive marriage. When does a program become obscene? Truthfully, now I don’t know. Where does one draw the line between the sacred and the profane, between edifying and destroying? I would argue that there are no lines when we abrogate and relinquish the natural. Everything becomes relative and in time we devolve, in (un)natural course to our own true nature.

Reality? I thought the television was a place to escape it, a relaxing diversion. Apparently it only reflects it.

4 thoughts on “All My Children? Soap Opera Illustrates Mainstream Marriage

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