Obama’s Liberal Problem

The left’s rabid reaction to some of Sen. Obama’s cabinet selections was inevitable.


But I have to say, it is quite the relief to see the other side infighting instead of us.

This is not to say that the GOP is in the clear. In fact, RNC Chairman Mike Duncan recently addressed the GOP split between ‘traditionalists’ and ‘reformists’ in crafting a political way forward. That said, I think it is still safe to conclude that Dems coalition has always been much more at odds.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Liberal Problem

  1. I’m not sure it’s fair to say that the Democratic party is MORE divided than the GOP. While the Dems are obviously experiencing the paralyzing effects of in-fighting, they are at least united on the social (culture war) issues: definition of marriage, stem-cell research, abortion, education, etc… They are also united in forwarding a “big government” agenda. The GOP currently suffers from a split on those social issues and the role of government in social and political life: issues which, I would argue, are far more divisive and fatal to a party than “just how ‘left’ should we go”? The Dems share more amongst each other than the GOP’s do at the moment–another reason for the GOP to return to its roots as the social conservative party.

  2. I agree with e2 that the GOP is at least equally as splintered as the Democrats. I think the lack of consistent vision on the GOP side-on immigration, life issues, the war, etc.-is one reason that many people went for Obama. Obama’s “hope” and “change” may have been empty platitudes, but they convinced people that he had a vision for America (even though we think that is a flawed vision, he did have a vision). Also, I agree that we need to return to our social conservative principles and show how those principles strengthen the family and ultimately strengthen our country. The disagreement among conservatives on social issues is rampant in my experience. Without a clear vision, it will be hard to attract Libertarians and working-class (i.e. “Reagan”) democrats to the party, which is something we need to do.

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