New Zealand’s New AG

Congratulations to my friend Christopher Finlayson on being elected the new Attorney General of New Zealand. Chris and I met in Rome in 2001 where we were both studying Latin with the pope’s Latinist, Reggie Foster.

Chris is a true Renaissance man in many ways, able to converse intelligently about Shakespeare, Pop Culture, Catholicism, the Liberal Arts, History, Politics, and so much more. We look forward to a successful National Party administration under the keen legal guidance of the new AG.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand’s New AG

  1. Aaron- Congrats to your friend! I’m sure that there are policy lessons that American conservatives could take from the NP’s example.

  2. Perhaps Chris could let us know what policies the National Party has that would help out the GOP in the coming years sometime when he’s checking the blog.

  3. Aaron, you look great in your picture. Thank you for reading my paper.To answer your question, I am an S.T.L. candidate at Dominican House. I take one class a semester. I may be done by the Second Coming; I might not.The new building at DHS has just opened. You would hardly believe your eyes.

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